About Dave

Dave Howell is the inventor, designer, and wildly creative visionary who founded Avatron Software and fueled its product portfolio for twelve years.

A software developer and design thinker, Dave excels in designing user experiences and strategic roadmaps for organizations wanting to transform mobile, creativity, and productivity. Credited with eight patents, ranging from special effects for film and video to mobile software and hardware, Dave is routinely called on as a speaker, guest lecturer, strategic consultant, and increasingly expert witness in software intellectual property litigation.

Dave is a former software engineering executive at Apple. He sold his first start-up, Pablo Media, to Apple, which provided Avatron’s seed funding. A gifted speaker, Dave’s engagements include Apple’s prestigious WWDC (World-Wide Developer Conference) as well as NAB (the National Association of Broadcasters). 

A bootstrapped startup, Avatron quickly emerged as a leading developer of apps and peripherals for mobile devices and desktop computers. Under Dave’s leadership for over ten years, Avatron has developed and marketed dozens of apps for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows, including two Top-Grossing iOS apps, and amassed 2.5 million satisfied users, who have spent more than $14 million on Avatron apps.

Dave is now the Vice President of Engineering for Perfect Company, leading a team of engineers to reinvent the commercial kitchen with connected appliances, recipe-execution software, sales forecasting, and food delivery tools.

Dave Howell intimately understands the dynamics of high-functioning teams and people management. With a roll-up-your-sleeves approach, Dave is an enormous reservoir of energy and invention. He quickly gains the trust and respect of the organizations he leads.

Dave holds an MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson School and dual undergraduate degrees from Case Western Reserve University: a BS in Computer Science & Engineering and a BA in Music.

A gifted jazz musician, Dave rarely turns down an invitation to play at a Northwest gig, particularly if the backdrop is a vineyard or a local hangout.